Sunday, October 19, 2008

F4 Japan Tour 2008 - 7th Concert - Osaka

Overall - today's last show is the BEST of all 7, a number of surprises, the guys performances and fan's participation and today's seat was quite good.

Thank U messages:

Ken (spoke in Mandarin): Today's the last show, after today don't know when will be the next time F4 will reunite. I wish the other 3 to have their own successful path and I believe the next time when we reunite, each person will have their own genuine "sky".

Zai (in Japanese and Mandarin): .... Thank U, I would like to thank my 3 other friends. Thank U...

Vann (in English): Thank U Jesus, Thank U Lord... other F3... everybody present... family and friends. He ended saying "F4 Forever".

Jerry (in Mandarin): .... In my heart, the other 3 are the best brothers. No matter what happened before, we are the best. Thank U Ken, Thank U Vanness, Thank U Zai Zai.

News coverage:
UDN Entertainment
Ming Pao
Apple Daily

The F4 along with around 200 staffs, friends and family members hold a celebration party at Imperial Hotel right after the concert.

Zai Zai said he felt very lucky that he escape from the recent stock financial crisis that affected many people, thanks to his financial advisor who recommended him to clear nearly 520 equity funds before the crisis happenned.

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