Saturday, October 18, 2008

F4 Japan Tour 2008 - 6th Concert - Osaka

Today Taiwan medias wrote a few comments on Zai Zai as they were invited to see F4 Japan Concert at Osaka. Their review are supposed to be on F4 but seems they are targeting on Vic more than other F3...

Ming Pao
UDN Entertainment

On Vic's performance, the reporter wrote:

Zai Zai caught a really bad cold when he returned to Taiwan for a break. Except for his voice sounding coarse for a little while amid the concert because he was trying to hold back coughing, he was very professional. He has broken his limit and did a sexy show and role playing. He played the roles of a night club owner, pilot, and doctor.


kriska said...

wow! i'm researching new things about F4 and I found this cool pic can I please know what site can I view the other calendar pictures of F4 especially Vic?? I'm such a big fan of them. thanks :)

Wu Tjin Sen said...

Hello.... I have a free website dedicated for F4 here :

But unfortunately, the free website is going to close soon :-(