Tuesday, October 7, 2008

F4 Japan Tour 2008 - 3rd Concert - Tokyo

F4 Japan Tour 2008 heading to Nippon Budokan, Tokyo. Their concert made a realization towards the Japan's Fuji Television Network so a special featured story about the F4 concert will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 8, at Fuji TV station.

NIPPON BUDOKAN entrance photos taken in the afternoon before the concert began. We could clearly see the BIG WELCOME towards F4 judging from the big board put up in front the concert venue.

Flowers were seen from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

Flowers basket from Wu Zun (Fahrenheit), Erika Toda and her co-star (Tea Fight) were seen too.

At first, F4 was targeting students but now not only students, people from all ages would love to see F4.

First concert in Tokyo concluded with some unexpected accidents happened to them. During rehearsal, due to the change of the stage, Ken did not realize there were steps when they finished the singing. He walked backwards then fell down to the steps. He was sent to the hospital in Chiyoda. After X-ray examination, the injury was found to be just pulled muscles. Ken only took some pain medication and rushed back to the venue to start the concert on time.

While Zai Zai singing his solo song "Mask/Ma Sai Ke", the raising stage got stuck in the middle of the performance. Zai Zai finished his performance without showing any sign of being disturbed by what was going on. The organizer announced need to stopped the show in order to fix the mechanical problem of the stage. After about 8-10 minutes the problem was solved. Zai Zai did another complete version of "Mask" all over again. On the stage he can't help but laughed quietly during his 2nd time of singing "Mask". Then Jerry tripped down the stairs when he walked down from the stage at 1st Encore. But he did not get hurt.

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