Friday, June 6, 2008

Computex Taiwan: Biostar showcases AMD 790GX

Biostar showcases motherboards based on unannounced AMD 790GX chipset. It had two variants on display, with both supporting performance-enhancing SidePort memory modules, located just below the northbridge.

The TA790GX A2+, pictured above, carries the 790GX and SB750 combination. The new southbridge was supposed to debut with the 780G, and we may well see other manufacturers roll it in quietly.

SB750 brings with it improved RAID support, and, according to the product specialist, a method of better overclocking the Phenom CPUs, although this sounded sketchy at best.

The northbridge, 790GX, adopts the Radeon HD 3300 IGP that's clocked in at 550MHz on the Biostar model; some way below what we were expecting. A 64MB DDR2-800 SidePort DRAM is added for more performance.

The other board, TA790GX3 A2+, is practically the same, save for a 128MB SidePort DRAM. As the board's name suggests, it's GDDR3 memory operating at 1,066MHz.

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