Sunday, January 6, 2008

ZZ and LBB in HK for 'Linger' Launch Ceremony

Zhou Yu Min and Li Bing Bing attended the opening ceremony of the movie 'Linger' in Hong Kong. This film, directed by Director Johnnie To, also invited a Lion Dance performance for the opening. During the event’s interaction with the audience, Zai Zai received big strong hugs from fans, making everyone there including the host to sigh, saying one can feel the warmth. When talking about his experience acting as a corpse in the movie, Zai Zai recollects that the make-up artist has to spend four to six hours on his body everyday which was rather tough. And when it came to the topic of the bed scene, Zai Zai explained that it is not as sensational as it looks, whereas Li Bing Bing frankly said that it was somewhat awkward at first but she has to overcome this barrier as a professional actor.

Zai Zai, Li Bing Bing, Wong You Nan and Yan Qing, were In Tunmen city square to attend 'Linger' promotional event and attracted around 500 fans, the whole thing was very lively. At the event, a female fan even hugged Zai Zai's waist in surprise making him completely stunned. Afterwards, Zai Zai shyly looked down, and even frankly admitted having been startled by his fan's passionate action, saying jokingly that it felt like he got pranked, but it was very funny.

At HK Movie Premiere:

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