Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Cinema: Vic first movie 'Linger'

Amid busy promotion schedules, today the first movie of Vic Zhou (Zai Zai) titled Hu Die Fei aka "Linger" was starting to show in cinemas of Taiwan, HK and mainland China.

Official website :

Here's The Linger Review:

Taipei Times

The film is well cast. Taiwan's Vic Zhou succeeds in his silver screen debut, coming off as a lovable Prince Charming with a troubled past. Seasoned Chinese actor Yong presents a few good tear-jerking moments in the film as a father who has deep regrets. Leading lady Li also lives up to expectations by bringing out the dramatic and psychological intensity required for her role.

Though Linger is a romance flick through and through, audiences should expect more than the usual slobbery story about a lost lover. In Johnnie To's romance, love goes hand-in-hand with unresolved anger, guilt and forgiveness and is open to the oscillations of genuine human emotions. The father-and-son relationship, though a side story, adds dramatic tension to the film in a way that touches the heart.

A love story told through seamless transitions and editing that threads through the present and past, underworld and mortal realm, Linger is as unexpected as it is charming.

The China Post

It had to happen sooner or later. After watching his fellow F4 bandmates parlay their singing and small-screen success into movie careers, pop idol Vic Chou makes his feature-film debut in the Hong Kong romance turned ghost story “Linger”

New, English subtitled trailer for Johnnie To’s LINGER:

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