Sunday, January 20, 2008

F4 Stamping Session & ZZ received interview - talks about Da S

Fans from all over gathered for the stamping session at Xi Men Ding:

After 5 years, F4 has come together again to launch a new album. But at today’s Meet the Fan and autograph session, all the focus was on the love relationship between ZZ and Da S. And ZZ spoke up for the first time to the media about his feelings concerning what has happened recently. Let’s take a listen.

Zai Zai of F4 and Da S announced that they have separated a couple of days ago. These few days, ZZ maintained a happy mood and is not affected by what happened. Many people outside are concerned about the reason for the separation, and this afternoon he made a statement:

"I feel that what Xi Yuan has issued in her statement is very well written. And before everything happened a few days (or before the statement was issued), we were on the phone with each other and we continue to feel that this is a good thing. So I can confidently tell everyone that what she has put in her statement is the same as mine. At first I thought…we thought that it will be enough once she issued the statement. Because there is really nothing that is unhappy about this matter. We continue to be in contact with each other daily. It’s just that now the relationship is more like family, more similar to our earlier sister-brother feeling. This feeling is even better and more suitable for now."

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