Friday, December 28, 2007

F4 Third Album - Waiting For You

Today mark the new excitement for F4 fans. The third album titled "Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni" or "Waiting For You" has been released for Taiwan and Hong Kong. This year the Taiwan Tourism Bureau invited the four of them to be ambassadors to Japan and Korea, a huge amount of money was spent for the promotional activities. It attracted fans from Japan and Korea to follow their stars. But this brand new album could be their last album together, the music company has taken advantage of this favorable circumstance and has presented two versions of the same album (Feel Your Heart Edition & Await Your Love Edition). It includes two songs by the four of them and two solo songs each, making it a collector's item for the fans.

F4 - Zai Zhe Li Deng Ni (Waiting For You) MV - OT:Goodbye

F4 - Ti Yan (Experience) MV - OT:No Escape

Vic - Can Nian (Should Not) MV

Official website on Sony BMG :

At the press conference for Asia, the 4 of them took swords to place into the defense board. It was like all 4 were stronger when placed together. There were lots of different flower baskets from fans from all over the world. The most "attracting" flower basket was of course from Da S and Xiao S. On it, it was written, "Taiwan's Forever Strong Group, May you all be loving forever". And it was signed off as ASOS, which was Taiwan strongest group.

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