Friday, December 14, 2007

AMD Analyst Day Coverage

Yesterday (Dec 13, 2007), AMD held an analyst conference in New York City.
Here I enclose the updated platform roadmap for Consumer Mainstream and Consumer Enthusiast.

ZDNet shows slides of AMD's presentation in New York City.

AMD COO (Chief Operating Officer) Dirk Meyer acknowledged Thursday that the launch of its quad-core Opteron chips, formerly known as Barcelona, has been a disappointment. But he also urged customers and investors not to overlook AMD’s promise and accomplishments. Meyer, speaking at its annual financial analyst conference in New York, was up front about the Barcelona problems, which have been widely reported. SPEC invalidated CPU results for Barcelona today. “We haven’t delivered our quad core product according to plan,” said Meyer. “We’ll make good on our promise to deliver hundreds of thousands of quad core processors, but we’re disappointed.”

Tech Report has a comprehensive coverage here.
Conclusion quoted from Tech Report:

Based on what we heard today, we can expect disappointing financial results for the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of 2008. However, AMD is right about one thing: it has a fair amount of momentum, and if it manages to execute as planned, 2008 may very well turn out to be a good year.

On the microprocessor front, AMD should have 45nm tri- and quad-core chips ready in time to meet Intel's 45nm Nehalem processors. Even if it doesn't manage to keep up with Nehalem, AMD's plethora of platforms should help keep large PC vendors interested. AMD looks set to regain much-needed market share in the mobile graphics market, although how well the AMD graphics division will do on the desktop remains to be seen. The Radeon HD 3870 and Radeon HD 3850 are certainly encouraging efforts, though.

While it's probably still a little early to make any forecasts pertaining to 2009 and beyond, AMD's outlook and confidence suggest the company still has at least a few more rounds to go—even with naysayers predicting its imminent demise.

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