Monday, October 29, 2007

Zai Zai's Album Signing paralyzed Xi Men Ting, F3 unexpectedly showed up

Vic Zhou was deeply honored last night during his Album Signing and Concert at the Xi Men Ting parking lot when Jerry, Vanness and Ken unexpectedly showed up that made him really surprised. Japanese and Korean fans already didn't care whether their LV signature bags dropped to the floor as they were already out of control, screaming and rushing in for F4's unexpected reunion.

Last night, reporters was pleasantly surprised, when Jerry actually came up with an idea and said, "Because Vic is the first F4 to come up with an album, and also the first to release 3 albums, so I suggested to Ken and Vanness to go to his Album signing and concert. Everyone agreed so we all came together." Because Zai Zai wasn't aware when F3 suddenly appeared before him, he got a bid scared and shouted, "Why did you come here? I simply want to cry! You are really my good brothers." However, F3 only stayed for 10 minutes and quickly left, but the fans loud screams continued for a very long time.

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