Friday, October 26, 2007

Zai Zai new album "I'm not F4"

Taiwanese singer and actor Vic 'Zai Zai' Zhou Yu Min launch new album "I'm not F4" all across Asia.

The single "I'm not F4" is composed by Taiwan pop king Jay Zhou, whose work is in extremely high demand in the music world. Vic happened to come across him one day and jokingly asked whether he would like to write a song for him and that's how Vic's new title song, I'm Not F4 (Track 2), was born. The song is a reflection of Vic's inner self, as he wants to let his fans know who he is as an individual beyond being an actor and a member of F4. Vic let his presence be felt on his new album, participating every step of the way, from finding and selecting songs to the track arrangement. His devoted followers are sure to find the all new Vic through the music on I'm Not F4.

The MV has been circulating around web for the past few days. In the music video, the singer plays an entertainment star who gives up the busy life under the spotlight for his girlfriend.

Vic promoting his new album:

Album homepage :

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