Tuesday, December 6, 2011

AMD Apologize for Incorrect Bulldozer Transistor Count

The company initially told everyone in the press, that Bulldozer/Zambezi chips were made up of two billion transistors. It turns out that the transistor count number AMD supplied to the press was incorrect. Today AMD made following statements:

We always strive to be proactive and open. Last week, AMD confirmed the transistor count in the AMD FX CPU line-up at 1.2 billion, a correction from the earlier count of 2 billion. The earlier figure of 2 billion transistors was unfortunately shared in error. This correction is not the result of a new revision to the Bulldozer design. The correct count of 1.2 billion applies to all recently introduced 8-core AMD processors that are based on the new Bulldozer core – AMD FX family of desktop CPUs and AMD Opteron™ family of server and HPC processors. We apologize for the confusion.

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