Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bulldozer for Desktop is Finally Out

Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa (the one with the beautiful Victoria Falls), and also the codename for the new FX series of "Bulldozer" desktop enthusiast CPUs from AMD. After months of speculation and spin about the launch date and performance numbers, the new processors have finally hit the online shops. Yes, we saw the launch today, and the long awaited Bulldozer is finally out.

That new AMD processors based on Bulldozer microarchitecture are one of the most highly anticipated products not only of the year, but at least of the last five years. There are several reasons for that as well as for the fact that AMD products have so many fans. Remember the times when AMD processors were better than Intel ones in all aspects? Some users like AMD products for the balanced combination of price and performance that they have to offer. And some may have been carried away by the passion, with which they talked about the advantages of the new microarchitecture they have been working on. All this combined with the years of waiting for the new Bulldozer processor generation produced high interest and excitement.

Here we bring you some reviews of the top of the line FX-8150:
Tech Report
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