Monday, September 26, 2011

Trinity & AMD Mobile Roadmap 2012

According to the latest AMD Mobile Roadmap, Trinity scheduled to arrive in 2012, initially will co-exist with Llano. Trinity will be based on AMD's new Pilderiver core which is derived from Bulldozer, the same core which we'll see in the soon to launch AMD FX series of CPUs.

The platform will be known as Comal and will continue to use the same chipsets A70M and A60M, and as far as we can tell, the same socket FM1. We'll also be seeing improved graphics, currently codenamed London. The TDP will remain the same as for the current APUs.

The roadmap also contains some of what AMD is planning for 2013. Kaveri which is Trinity's replacement will feature Steamroller CPU cores and a yet unknown graphics core. Below that we have Kabini which will feature Jaguar cores, a feature it shares with the tablet friendly Samara APU. Kaveri will be teamed up with the Bolton FCH, while Kabini gets the integrated Yangtze FCH and finally Samara will feature the integrated Salton FCH.

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