Monday, August 9, 2010

KaraokeSys 1.1 Released

KaraokeSys is a Karaoke Management Software that simply needs a Windows based computer with dual monitor (or a projector) and sound enabled. No need to worry about damaged VCD discs anymore. Your favorite MPEG videos were stored on your PC and easily launched via this multifunction software.

Highlighted features:
  1. Multiple monitor support to view live video at secondary screen while still doing anything else in the primary screen (including searching and selecting songs)
  2. Manage songs (add, edit, delete, and multiple edits of song properties)
  3. Drag & drop files to upload songs
  4. Search anything (any displayable text within title, artist, genre, and even tag)
  5. Manage playlist (add and delete songs for future use)
  6. Play, pause, stop, next song, previous song (this is very obvious)
  7. Switch to left, right, or stereo audio channel for vocal + music or music only
  8. Pitch control (transpose –12 to +12) [NEW]
  9. Tempo control [NEW]
  10. Volume control
  11. Preview song in mute volume


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