Friday, February 24, 2017

AMD Ryzen Box & Cooler Design

AMD is finally bringing the fight back to Intel with its new Ryzen CPUs. The three chips launching on March 3 are the Ryzen 1800X, 1700X and 1700 — the top-spec, Intel Core i7-equivalent range, each with 8 cores and 16 virtual threads available at either a 95W or 65W TDP. Here are their prices and vital statistics:

Ryzen 7 1800X: $699
  • Speed: 3.6Ghz base speed, 4.0GHz boost speed
  • Cores: 8 cores, 16 threads
  • TDP: 95W
Ryzen 7 1700X: $569
  • Speed: 3.4Ghz base speed, 3.8Ghz boost speed
  • Cores: 8 cores, 16 threads
  • TDP: 95W
Ryzen 7 1700: $469
  • Speed: 3.0Ghz base speed, 3.7GHz boost speed
  • Cores: 8 cores, 16 threads
  • TDP: 65W
This is what the retail box actually looks like :

AMD Ryzen 7 No Cooler

AMD Ryzen 7 with Cooler

The Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X will come in two options. A boxed chip with the brand new Wraith Max 140W cooler with RGB lighting or just the chip without the cooler. The cooler bundle costs $20 more, so for users that are looking to use aftermarket cooling they can just opt for the chip without the Wraith cooler.

The 1800X and 1700X are 95W CPUs and AMD is pairing them with a 140W cooler. The 1700 is a 65W CPU and AMD is pairing it with a 95W cooler. So the company is going all out on the cooling with Ryzen to make sure the chips run cool and the system remains very quiet.

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