Tuesday, April 5, 2016

AMD's Wraith CPU Cooler

Stock CPU heatsinks often don't sound good under heavy load, and they usually labelled "only good enough" in thermal performance. Even affordable third-party coolers offer a big step up in cooling and acoustic performance.

AMD is aware of this problem. The Wraith cooler, introduced at CES, is meant to change that. This heatsink has four copper heat pipes that wind through a fairly dense fin array. A hefty copper base plate serves as the go-between for these heat pipes and the processor's heat spreader.

The Wraith's shroud is equipped with LED-backlit AMD logo that's invisible when the cooler is off. This looks neat, and it's pretty fancy for a boxed heatsink. AMD uses four foam isolators on the fan frame that might provide a bit of extra vibration reduction while the fan is spinning. The power connector for the LED logo is integrated into the four-pin fan plug.

Installing the Wraith on a Socket AM3+ or FM2+ board is very simple and easy since AMD also includes a thermal compound on the base of the Wraith.

AMD A10-7890K Godavari is AMD's fastest APU today, bundled with the premium AMD Wraith Cooler.

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