Saturday, December 15, 2012

MOMAX PowerBanks

PowerBank MOMAX iPower Pro, iPower M2 and iPower S2 now ready at Vic Computer

MOMAX iPower Pro High Capacity External Battery Pack

Capacity: 8000mAh
Input: 5.0~5.5V 1.6A (Max)
Output 1: 5.0V 1A
Output 2: 5.0V 2.1A

Size: L185*W175*D57mm

Package Contains:
* USB connection cable
* USB connection cable with changeable tips
(Micro USB, Mini USB, Samsung Galaxy Tab,
Sony PlayStation Portable, NOKIA 2mm charging connector)
* Traveller's Charger
* Carrying bag

MOMAX iPower S2 External Battery Pack

Capacity: 5600mAh
Input: 5.0V 1A
Output 1: 5.0V 1A
Dimensions : 86x42.5x26.5mm

Weight: 132g

* Use of high quality Samsung batteries provides users with full confidence

MOMAX iPower M2 External Battery Pack
(Apple Certified)

Capacity: 6400mAh
Input: 5.0V 1A(MAX)
Output 1: 5.0V=2.1A
Output 2: 5.0V=1A

Package Contains:
* iPower M external battery pack
* USB to 30-pin dock connector cable
* USB to Micro USB connection cable
* Carrying bag

Colors Available:
Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Purple

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