Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AMD Launches Trinity Mobile

Today we get official confirmation of the things we mentioned months ago, with the launch of two A10 CPUs, one A8, and two A6′s, all based on the new Trinity core.

The Trinity die itself has two Piledriver modules, that means four integer cores in total. Each one is an ‘enhanced’ version of the Bulldozer architecture, with updates that add up to a performance gain. That gain is not taken in the form of high clocks and single threaded speed, but in lower power for the same performance as the older variants.

That means energy use has been dramatically cut, so Trinity is almost twice the performance per watt of the older Llano CPU. That is why the mobile Trinitys come in 17, 25, and 35W versions, the older Llano had only 35 and 45W versions. Since AMD says Trinity has twice the performance per watt of Llano, a 17W Trinity should perform on par with a 35W Llano.

The models that are out today are the A10-4600M, A8-4500M, A6-4400M, A10-4655M, and A6-4455M. The first three are 35W, the 4655M is 25W, and the 4455M is 17W. A6′s are two cores, A8 and A10 models are four cores, and the lower wattages get LV and ULV tags for good measure. Base clocks range from 1.9 to 2.3GHz, and max turbo frequencies go from 2.6 to 3.2GHz. Similarly, shader counts come in three variants, 192, 256, and 384, basically three, four, and six VLIW4 64-shader arrays. Clocks on those range from 327-497MHz base and from 424-686MHz turbo.

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