Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Asus Eee PC 1201T is AMD-based

So far, Asus has stuck with Intel's Celeron and Atom processors for its Eee PC line of netbooks. That could soon change, since Asus is preparing a 12.1", Eee PC-branded system based on AMD's Congo ultraportable platform.

Eee PC 1201T, has a 12.1" 1366x768 display, a 1.6GHz Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, up to 320GB of mechanical storage, and a six-cell battery rated for up to four hours of run time. It has weight of 3.2 lbs (1.46kg) and a thickness of 1.07"-1.3".

The Congo platform brings two advantages over the Atom and GMA 950 combo found in majority of netbooks: the Athlon Neo processor has a full-featured core with out-of-order execution, and the AMD780-based chipset offers Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics—a considerably more powerful solution than anything in Intel's portfolio.

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