Monday, September 14, 2009

ATI Eyefinity Introduced

According to AMD, they have produced a truly panoramic visual experience. With AMD's new Radeon 5800 family of GPUs, users can experience a much larger field of view than what was previously available.

ATI Eyefinity is a new technology from AMD that transforms the relationship of the PC and the display. It opens the door to entirely new avenues for home computing and simplifies the deployment of many commercial solutions. In the existing home computing paradigm, one user employs one PC with one workspace spanning one or two monitors.

There are at least three new use models availed or expanded by ATI Eyefinity.

The first model is single-session single-person multi-screen. One user surrounded with many displays creating an immersive reality or information environment. One user can enjoy information or visual simulations or real-time experiences, which were previously possible only with high-end workstations or simulators. Commercial or technical applications include simulation, design and analysis; equities trading, graphic design, intelligence analysis, and more. Consumer applications include gaming, advanced productivity, and impressing your friends.

In this video technology demonstration, ATI Eyefinity multi-monitor technology is driving an immersive, panoramic gaming experience. AMD’s Lauren Larose is playing Tom Clancy’s Hawks at an amazing 5760x2400 resolution spanning six monitors employing the Display Port 1.1 interface.

The second model is single-session multi-person multi-screen. Many users enjoying the experience provided by a single computer with the added benefit of multiple-displays. For example, one user enjoying dual monitor productivity, and a second user or group of users enjoying a movie or game on a third or fourth screen. The central premise of this model is that it is a single session, one person is “driving” the visual environment - one keyboard, one mouse - kind of like a PC experience DJ who can launch applications for many to see.

Adding the ability of each screen to have its own I/O and support for a separate user session, you arrive at the third model…

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