Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here is the link to the latest AMD overclocking video:

This is a high quality video that makes a great addition to any outreach on TWKR processors.

Are you a TWKR? You’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz about AMD’s TWKR parts, and it’s time for us to reveal the details:

• The AMD Phenom II X4 42 Black Edition TWKR processor is a limited-edition chip created to provide extreme overclockers with a powerful tool to initiate serious performance.
• Designed to reach the utmost performance barriers under extreme cooling, this part demonstrates AMD’s superior engineering design quality.
• The TWKR parts can handle more voltage, scale higher, and run faster than other processors on the market.
• As the same processor that AMD used to demonstrate the record-breaking overclocking potential of AMD Phenom II CPUs earlier this year, the TWKR processor is unmatched in yielding high frequencies at extreme cold temperatures, like in this video here.
• With less than 100 processors worldwide, these TWKR processors will not be for sale.
• AMD is instead giving these parts to select members of the extreme overclocking community as a tribute for their support and to encourage them to push the limits of overclocking.
• AMD understands that overclocking is not for everyone. For mainstream users that don’t push their desktop PCs to the absolute limits, the same engineering that goes into the extreme performance of “TWKR” processors can be found in every AMD Phenom II processor available today.

Digital Content/More Information:
- Check out additional TWKR photos here
- Check out the new TWKR overclocking video on Tuesday morning
- Follow the @AMDDesktop Twitter handle for updates on upcoming TWKR contests and details

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