Friday, November 28, 2008

Mobo Makers Announced AM3 Support

Asus have announced that 15 of their Socket AM2+ motherboards will support AMD's AM3 CPUs. This seems to be most of the newer boards to come out the past year from the AMD 700 series, and Nvidia GeForce 8000 and 7000 products.

Gigabyte also have announced a wide range of motherboards which will support the AM2+ and AM3 45nm versions of AMD's processors. It looks like they're going deeper as they support Nvidia's 750 chipset as well as 790FX boards with the dated SB600 chipset.

MSI has put up a similar list of 26 motherboards that can accommodate the upcoming processors through BIOS updates.

Other motherboard makers:
ECS Elitegroup

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