Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tea Fight attending HK IFF & Taiwan Film Festival

Vic Zhou's second movie, Tea Fight will be attending Hong Kong's Summer International Film Festival. It will be shown with English Subtitle.


Dir: Wang Ye-Ming
Japan/Taiwan; 2008; Colour; 105min
Cast: Vic Zhou, Kagawa Teruyuki, Toda Erika, Ning Chang, Eric Tsang


The ancient Curse of the Golden Tea can only be dispelled by the Female Golden Tea Leaf, long believe to be extinct. Mikio, daughter of an old tea shop owner in Kyoto has discovered that the her father Yagi actually has the Female Leaf, who ironically blames the death of his wife on the curse. Mikio decides to go to Taiwan to participate in an ancient ritual called Tea Fight, where she would meet an underground tea kingpin Yang. Yagi goes to search for his daughter and comes across Ruhua, a mysterious tea agent. Will the curse be cast again?

Tea Fight also a 2008 Taipei Film Festival Closing Film.

Official website: http://www.tea-fight.com/


Anonymous said...

Is this film already release in indonesia?

Wu Tjin Sen said...

Not yet and I doubt it will be released in Indonesia. Maybe we should search for DVD or VCD from abroad. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know when eng subs will come out?