Friday, February 22, 2008

Sempron Dual Core

AMD will be introducing Sempron Dual Core, model number Sempron 2100+ with 1.8GHz and 512K L2 cache, which is better than the Celeron Dual Core E1200 with 1.6GHz and 512K L2 cache. AMD Sempron 2100+ processors adopt a 65nm process. Pricing in the China market is set at RMB 399 (US$ 55). Due to the cheap price and potential of AMD's own-brand RS780 and 690G IGP chipsets, the CPU has been popular with consumers in China prompting them support AMD's platform.

Early benchmark:

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Anonymous said...

It is just weird that amd just launch it in China . Since they are lost their market share to Intel rapidly they should launch it globally . They will never lead the low end market if they unable to outperfomed celeron dual core which is launched earlier and now reach 2.0 Ghz