Friday, June 29, 2007

Bugs on Core 2 Duo

OpenBSD founder, Theo de Raadt posted a rant in a mailing list that alleged Intel's Core 2 processors were plagued with many "serious bugs".

Various developers are busy implementing workarounds for serious bugs in Intel's Core 2 CPU.

These processors are buggy as hell, and some of these bugs don't just cause development/debugging problems, but will *ASSUREDLY* be exploitable from userland code.
As is typical, BIOS vendors will be very late providing workarounds/fixes for these processors bugs. Some bugs are unfixable and cannot be worked around. Intel only provides detailed fixes to BIOS vendors and large operating system groups. Open Source operating systems are largely left in the cold.

An easier summary document for some people to read: HERE

See also: Tech Report

The guys at ExtremeTech have asked Intel to comment, but the company would not confirm or deny Raadt's assessment or discuss any plans for a respin or recall of Core 2 chips. Intel spokesman Nick Knupffer appeared to downplay the allegations.

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